Lauren has recorded a number of Videos about OCD, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and other topics. These include Webinars, Panels, Interviews, Q&As and Discussions. You can watch the video recordings of Purely OCD, Lauren’s podcast with Kelley Franke, LMFT below. You can also check out additional video content about the disorders she treats further down the page.


Lauren Rosen, LMFT, and Kelley Franke, LMFT, record a weekly podcast on Instagram Live that aims to educate people about OCD. In the series, they talk about OCD symptoms & treatment and answer questions from the community. You can check out some of their videos about OCD below, go to the Purely OCD website for more information, or subscribe on Youtube or your podcast app of choice.

If you prefer audio only Podcasts, please stay tuned for the Purely OCD audio podcast. You can listen to Lauren’s other Podcast work here.


Lauren has presented with and been been a part of panels through the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). In addition, she was honored to present on OCD and SUD through Riley’s Wish Foundation‘s Lecture Series at Kennesaw State University (KSU). She works with OCD Gamechangers on their OCD and SUD Series: Compassionate Connections. She has also presented through the Trichotillomania Learning Center for BFRBs.

Care to watch these? Click on the links below to be redirected to Lauren’s videos about OCD, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and more.


Do you find yourself resonating with the videos on OCD, Anxiety and BFRBs above? Are you or a loved one struggling and looking for support? You can learn more about the treatments and services Lauren provides here.


Lauren is a licensed psychotherapist in

several states. Learn more about where

Lauren sees Clients, below.

Pastel skies and a pristine beach in Northern California, one of the areas where Lauren helps people with OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorders.


When she is doing work face to face, Lauren offers in person therapy in Newport Beach. She also provides online treatment throughout California. Her Clients span from San Francisco down to Southern Orange County and San Diego.

The red rock spires of Bryce Canyon in Utah, one of the states where Lauren offers counseling OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorders.


Lauren provides therapy in the state of Utah. Since she offers online treatment, she works with people who live all across the Beehive State – from Salt Lake City and its suburbs, like West Jordan, Syracuse, Highland and Riverton, to Park City and St. George.

Clear turquoise waters in the Keys, one of the places where Lauren practices psychotherapy for OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorders in Florida.


Lauren also offers treatment online in Florida, and sees people from all corners of the Sunshine state. Whether you’re from Naples, Orlando, Miami, or Boca Raton, Lauren can provide specialized counseling remotely in your area.

The iconic red rock and lush greenery of Sedona, one part of Arizona where Lauren offers therapy for OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorders.


Lauren also practices online therapy in Arizona. If you’re seeking help in Phoenix, Sedona, Scottsdale or Tucson, Lauren offers specialized treatment online across the Grand Canyon State.

The lavender fields of Provence, France, one international locale where  Lauren provides counseling.


Along with her work in the United States, Lauren offers teletherapy to a number of countries internationally.

Cozy couch and computer: all you need for teletherapy and what your treatment with Lauren could look like.


Online therapy isn’t right for everyone. An assessment must be done to see if online therapy will meet for your needs. You can reach out here to learn more.


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