Our OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorder Specialists are here to help you operate the mind you’ve got.


Specialized Treatment for OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorders

If you struggle with unwanted, upsetting thoughts and feelings, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place. The Center for the Obsessive Mind offers specialized care for those struggling with OCD, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and other mental health issues.

When people come to see us, they are desperate to change their thoughts and feelings. The good news? These mental experiences do change over time, because everything changes over time. That said, the fact that we have thoughts and feelings is a non-negotiable part of having a mind. And individuals with mental illness have highly intelligent and creative minds that are constantly generating thoughts and feelings. The internal experiences that they despise are also reflections of some of their most worthwhile traits.

So, we can’t change the fact that thoughts and feelings arise, and we don’t want to change the fact that you have a wide array of them. So what do we do when they come up? A lot of approaches are problematic. Arguing with thoughts in order to change feelings doesn’t work. And trying to stop thoughts makes them come up more. Ultimately, taking thoughts and feelings as truths makes you a slave to your brain – a creative though fickle and unreliable organ.

There is an alternative. Our OCD, Anxiety & Eating Disorder Specialists can help you to navigate life with an obsessive mind. When you consider what thoughts and feelings your brain is offering you with curiosity then your thoughts and feelings are no longer in control. At that point, you can choose to act based on what matters most to you. Instead of being under the control of your mind, you get to live on your own terms. You get your power back. We want to help you get your power back.




Lauren is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California (LMFT#110644) as well as in the state of Utah (Reference # 12388215-3902). She is also registered to provide online treatment in the state of Florida. Lauren provides specialized care for individuals with:

Lauren and the team at The Center for the Obsessive Mind offer specialized treatment online in Arizona and some other states. They also work with people who live abroad. Want to know if The Center provides treatment in your area? You can email them here to find out. If you’re looking for an OCD, Anxiety or Eating Disorder Therapist and would like to learn more about The Center for the Obsessive Mind, you can click the links that follow to read about what we treat as well as our approach.

Lauren McMeikan Rosen, LMFT, sitting in her office where she works as an OCD, Anxiety, & Eating Disorder Therapist specializing in CBT, ERP Mindfulness and ACT.


Lauren Rosen, LMFT, presenting on Relationship OCD for the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) Conference in 2020.

Want to learn more about treatment and the path to wellness? From Webinars to Panels and Series, you can find video content featuring our staff  here.


An Article by Lauren Rosen, LMFT, entitled "How to Be More Confident" with a photo of a woman in a bathing suit.

The center’s staff have published written work about a number of topics: from OCD, to body image. Click here to read more.


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Want to hear more about the work the center does speak about the work she does? You can listen to podcast featuring our Therapists here. You can also tune in for the Podcast that our director, Lauren Rosen, Co-hosts with Kelley Franke, LMFT: Purely OCD.


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